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Prenuptial Agreements

A Prenuptial Agreement, also known as a Premarital Agreement, is an agreement between prospective spouses made in contemplation of marriage and to be effective upon marriage. Pre-Nuptial Agreements may address issues, such as: ownership and management of property, during the marriage and post-dissolution of marriage; the establishment or modification of spousal support; and any other matter, including the parties’ personal rights and obligations, so long as not in violation of either the public policy of the State of Florida or a law imposing criminal penalty. However, child support cannot be waived in a premarital agreement. After marriage, a premarital agreement may be amended, revoked, and enforced.

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyers

  • A prenuptial agreement is signed before you get married.
  • Full financial disclosure from both sides is required.
  • If you hide your assets or your income – you may have the agreement set aside.
  • If you have only a few assets before marriage you may not need a prenuptial agreement to protect or preserve the asset from claims.
  • An attorney experienced in preparing prenuptial agreements can prepare an agreement suited to your circumstances, your needs, your future, your marriage.

    For example: The agreement can provide… For each party to take their premarital assets free from claim from the other, waive alimony claims, or even provide for the transfer of a house owned premarital to both parties of they stay married for five years. Five years to ten years – $1000 per month support; ten years to fifteen years – $2000 per month; etc.

  • Don’t let the lawyer tell you what you need without understanding your relationship, how you view marriage, what you want for your future, and what is truly important to you.