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Enforcement of Child Support Orders:

A child support order specifically provides how much a parent must pay to support their child. Enforcing child support orders means getting a parent to pay what the Court has already ordered.

There are numerous ways to enforce child support orders, which include:

  1. Sending a letter to the parents when they miss the payment;
  2. Requesting the suspension of a Florida driver’s license;
  3. Placing a lien on the parents automobile, boat or other property;
  4. Reporting past due support to credit agencies;
  5. Placing a hold in taking money from bank account;
  6. Taking Florida lottery winnings if over $600;
  7. Taking tax refunds to pay past-due support obligations;
  8. Taking IRS tax refunds to pay obligations;
  9. Taking support payments from unemployment and or workers compensation to pay child support obligations;
  10. Taking the case to court; because the parent obligated to pay has not paid his or her child support obligation.

How do I start the child support enforcement process?

To establish child support, financial information is needed. To obtain the financial information, a request must be made to the other parent to complete a financial affidavit, either the long-form or short form, depending on whether the income of the other parent is more than $50,000 per year (or less). The author of this site has consistently recommended using the long-form, regardless of the income of the parties, since the information requested in the long-form, provides for more detailed information, allowing for the financial affidavits, to reveal more detail, more information and more likely, more income sources.

Other sources of information which should be looked at to determine sources of income:

  • Employer Information inc. W-2 or Tax Returns
  • Tax Returns
  • Financial Affidavits
  • Social Security Admin.
  • Department of Labor & Employment Security
  • Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles
  • Florida Department of Corrections
  • Department of Children & Families
  • Utility Companies
  • Armed Forces
  • Schools
  • Local Post Offices

When information is complete, a child support calculation can be made; and this information can also be used for the purposes of enforcing and collecting an already existing child support order.

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This site provides child support enforcement and collection services…

If you are seeking to have child support, which is already established in order, which has not been timely paid or not paid at all, you may provide the information which is set forth below; and send this information to (BCS) will have an experienced and educated child support staff personnel, prepare the information in a way for the attorney to review; and provide a brief response as to what can be done for you.

Some of the options as to what can be done are as follows:

  1. We will provide collection services on an hourly basis; or
  2. We will provide collection and enforcement services on a flat rate basis; or
  3. We will provide collection and enforcement services on a contingency basis; or
  4. We will advise you as to what should be done to obtain further information, or we will advise what we would do to assist you to obtain further information.